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Jackie Gordon's commitment to service has always driven her to do more.

Jackie Gordon is a combat veteran, an educator, a public servant, and a community leader.

Jackie was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and grew up in Queens, NY. While in college and teaching in local schools, she enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. Over her 29-year career in the Armed Forces, Jackie served our country overseas as a platoon leader in Germany during Operation Desert Storm, as an operations officer at Guantanamo Bay during the Global War on Terror, as a battle captain in Baghdad during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and as Commander of the 310th Military Police Battalion in Afghanistan in 2012. She retired from the Army Reserve with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2014.

Gordon spent three decades working in New York public schools, and has earned degrees in education from Hunter College and Queens College. As a former guidance counselor at Wilson Technological Center in Farmingdale, Jackie has mentored and advised Long Island high schoolers, guiding them into productive lives, into college, and into the workforce. From 2007 to 2020, she served on the Babylon Town Council, where she worked to direct resources to veterans and military families as Chair of the Veterans Advisory Council, pushed for the revitalization of Wyandanch Village, which has breathed new life into the community, and helped raise nearly $1 million for the Wounded Warriors Project through the annual Soldier Ride in Babylon.

Jackie lives in Copiague with her son Augustus. Her daughter, Kerrianne, is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.


Health Care

Every day, families are getting squeezed by rising insurance premiums, deductibles, and prescription drug costs. We need representatives fighting for us in Washington. But career politicians like Peter King are collecting millions from corporate special interests, including nearly half a million dollars from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and then voting their way.

In Congress, I will work to make health care more affordable, lower prescription drug costs, and ensure protections are there for people with pre-existing conditions. I will work to protect funding for Planned Parenthood and women’s access to health care. And I will fight to put an end to the opioid epidemic, a national public health emergency that demands comprehensive, evidence-based solutions to treat and prevent opioid abuse while ensuring Congress and federal law enforcement agencies hold the drug manufacturers that fueled this crisis accountable.


I’ve spent over three decades as an educator in New York public schools, teaching and mentoring thousands of our young people. As an educator and as a mom, I believe all of our children deserve access to a high-quality education that prepares them for their future, whether it’s a four-year college or a career and technical school. I will work to make sure our schools and our teachers have the resources they need. That means reducing class sizes, fully funding special education programs, reining in college tuition costs and student debt, and expanding Pell Grants.

Too often, the conversation politicians in Washington are having about post-secondary education is limited to four-year universities. As a guidance counselor at Wilson Technological Center in Farmingdale, serving on the executive board and scholarship committee for the Association of Long Island Vocational Educators (ALIVE), and as a member of SkillsUSA, I have worked to empower our students with the technical skills and career training they need to succeed in the workforce, with or without a four-year degree. In Congress, I will push to expand career and technical education opportunities for our district to grow our skilled workforce.

Veterans and Military Families

As a veteran, I know the challenges faced by soldiers returning to civilian life, and for military families both during and after their loved one’s deployment. As Chair of the Town of Babylon Veterans Advisory Council, I helped connect veterans and their families with resources that can often be difficult to learn about, navigate and access, and I have worked with the Wounded Warrior Project for years to raise funds and awareness through Soldier Ride in Babylon. As a member of Congress, I will push to strengthen education, career training, health, and housing assistance for veterans, work with veterans and their families to help them access existing resources, and ensure quality health care through the VA. The men and women who fought for this country deserve representatives in Congress who will fight for them.

Economy and Taxes

Every day, families are getting squeezed by rising health care costs, taxes, and college tuition, while our wages have stagnated. Meanwhile, career politicians in Washington are giving tax breaks to the wealthy donors and corporate special interests that fund their campaigns, and adding nearly $2 trillion to our national debt to pay for it.

As a Babylon Town Councilwoman, I have always put the people I represent first. We have been able to strengthen our local economy, improve infrastructure, and breathe new life into our neighborhoods by partnering with small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the community. As your Congresswoman, I will work to grow economic opportunity, push for tax relief for the middle class, and make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

Gun Violence

I was trained on the use of assault weapons over my 29 years in the U.S. Army Reserve and I used them in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know what they’re capable of. These weapons of war have no place on the streets of our neighborhoods or the hallways of our schools. It is long past time we enacted common-sense gun violence protection measures, like instituting universal background checks so violent criminals, domestic abusers, and those prohibited from owning guns for mental health reasons cannot take advantage of loopholes to harm others, stopping illegal gun trafficking, and making sure Extreme Risk Protection Orders (also known as red flag laws), already in place in New York and 16 other states, are there for the rest of the country.


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Chairman Jay Jacobs

Town of Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer

“During her twelve years in office Jackie Gordon has showed what commitment to service can do. She’s a true champion of middle class families. We can trust Jackie to get real results and make Washington work for Long Island families again."

Town of Babylon Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez

"Everyone who knows Jackie’s work on the Babylon Council understands that she puts results first. Whether it's starting gardens to help kids or starting programs to honor other veterans, Jackie is tireless and committed to results."

New York State Senator Monica Martinez

“As a mother, educator and combat veteran, Jackie will bring a much needed, fresh perspective to Washington. I know she’ll fight hard each and every day to avoid the partisan gridlock and deliver for Long Island families.”

New York State Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre

“Too many Long Island families are struggling to make ends meet and rising health care costs are only making matters worse. She'll prioritize lowering prescription drug prices and protecting coverage for families with preexisting conditions. And Jackie knows how to get real results.”

Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer and 15th District Legislator DuWayne Gregory

"Jackie is a true public servant, from helping hundreds of children in our schools, to helping plan our region's transportation infrastructure, she has consistently put what is best for all of us first."

Islip Democratic Committee Chair Luis Montes

"We need new leadership ready to stand up and fight back against the partisan gridlock that is hurting Long Island families. As a proven leader serving our communities as a combat veteran, educator, and public servant Jackie Gordon understands the diverse needs of this district and she has the record to back it up."

Town of Babylon Councilman Terry McSweeney

Town of Babylon Clerk Gerry Compitello

Suffolk County Legislator Tom Donnelly, 17th Legislative District

Suffolk County Legislator Sam Gonzalez, 9th Legislative District


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